30 Footer Styles for websites

Footer is an essential element for a website. Footer generally contains a secondary menu, social media links, a list of useful links, a subscription box, and contact details. Footer also serves as a great navigation element.

Footers are arranged as per devices. It starts with the desktop version followed buy tab and mobile version.

Style 1

In this style, a footer is combined with the appointment booking form. This combination is good for salon, spa, dental, or vet appointments and likes.

Style 2

A stylish and bold footer style goes well with fashion, skincare products websites, or online shops. The Black and pastel color combination gives an upmarket vibe. CTA message is bold and big, accompanied by a striking image.

Style 3

A simple light-colored footer with solid bold lines brings structure to life. Although this style uses subtle colors and has a simple structure, it can be used for almost any website looking for a simple and tidy footer.

Style 4

In this footer style, a newsletter subscription is prominently placed. Website owners that create a good amount of digital content and use it for drip emails prefer to place subscription boxes at strategic places.

Style 5

This footer style is perfect for furniture, home furnishing, interior designing services, or real estate website. It combines the footer with a CTA on the left side and a complimentary image on the right side that perfectly blends in with footer styling.

Style 6

A dark-themed footer with 2 sections. The top section promotes the social media account and the second row has 4 column structure with links/lists. Development, technical, or graphics designers websites owners favor dark theme footers.

Style 7

A plain, clean footer that promotes newsletter subscription in the center with a peppy accent color. This footer style uses ample spacing to separate the sections and to make it look elegant.

Style 8

Dark footer design with 5 columns, combined with flashy CTA in contrast color. The first column has the logo and a short description of the company; this is a good place to put the company mission statement. The rest of the 4 columns lists various useful links.

Style 9

A dark, clean footer design with a big CTA message and contrast colors CTA buttons. A good fit for SaaS-based service websites. Footer gives users a quick way to start a free trial and nudge them to try the pro version.

Style 10

This footer style follows the pattern like the earlier one with the added social media section and bottom bar. This color scheme suits cybersecurity, networking, and technology-based websites.

Style 11

Websites that run content marketing as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy focus on capturing and nurturing leads with lead magnets. Newsletters subscription is one of those lead magnets. In this design, there is a 4 column footer with an eye-catching subscription CTA.

Style 12

A dark-colored footer with white text is an age-old combination, but the subscription box on the right adds the pop and grabs the attention. This footer suits dark themes websites that run newsletter campaigns.

Style 13

A footer design with a 2-row structure. The main footer area is divided into 3 columns showcasing companies mission, logo, and social media in the first column. Then useful links and newsletter subscription form. Social media buttons fit perfectly below the newsletter form too.

Style 14

A minimal footer design that shows the menu in the first section, contact number, and social media are on the right. This footer style can be used for books and novels related websites, or online reading clubs, forums, or discussion boards.

Style 15

A stylish footer design with a mountain picture in the background with a dark blueish overlay. This footer fits well with travel booking websites, backpacker, or travel blogger websites.

Style 16

This is the least crowded design possible with just social media accounts. Clients who mainly create, promote, sell services over social media want websites for trust’s sake. They prefer a one-page website with no frills.

Style 17

Same as style 16 but with lighter color combinations. Food bloggers, wellness trainers, generally prefer subdue and calming colors.

Style 18

Pastel grey and pink shared give this footer unique appeal. Fashion or lifestyle bloggers like to use these types of color combinations. Pastel pink can be replaced by colors like #FF9AA2, #FFB7B2,#E2F0CB,#B5EAD7 etc

Style 19

This footer style has 2 rows; the logo is placed in the bottom row with social media account links. The upper row has 4 columned structures with useful links and a newsletter subscription box. Accent color separates the footer from the rest of the content. Accent colors can be changed to any pastel or muted colors to create various designs to suit different types of websites.

Style 20

Freelancers like graphic designers, translators, analysts, etc., need to talk about themselves and showcase their website skills and persona. This style is designed for freelancers; they can add interesting skills or value propositions they are offering in the footer. Plus, an own catchy punch line, quotes, etc., that makes an impact can be added on the right side.

Style 21

Black monochrome footer style with centered content. This design does not have too many elements, which makes it clean and focused.

Style 22

This footer style is using revered colors of style 21. These two footer styles can be used interchangeably based on sections before the footer. These two-footer styles are classic ones, fit on any professional website.

Style 23

Bright colored accents on top of the dark footer color add pop to this footer. This type of colors combination adds boldness and freshness to the brand. Garages, driving schools or car wash website tends to use such color combinations.

Style 24

Dark footer design with 4 columns. The first column shows logo and a short description of the company, then contact information, opening hours, and newsletter subscription with a message. This type of design suit any website.

Style 25

This is a comparatively bigger footer design with 3 rows. The top one showcases clientele icons slider followed by contact form with contrast color. The third row is again divided into 2 sections. The first one has a logo and brief company bio, and then a full-blown 5 column section showing various sets of links.

Bigger companies with multiple branches or locations need more space to place more numbers of links in the footer.

Style 26

Monochromatic design showcasing branding and subscription CTA prominently followed menu links. In addition, the bottom bar has terms & conditions, privacy policy links, followed by a copyrights section.

Style 27

Dual colored, spacious footer style shares contact points that matter; email, phone number, and social media accounts.

Style 28

Footer combines appointment booking CTA with a compelling message. The image on the left complements the messaging. On Clicking CTA appointment booking form pops up. The bottom section is clutter-free, with a big logo on the left and specific contact points on the right. This is perfect for psychiatric consultation services.

Style 29

A big subscription CTA on the left and a compelling image is on the right side. CTA is using a bit bigger font to grab attention to join to newsletter subscription. This style goes well with travel, theme, or adventure park websites.

Style 30

This is Vikreed’s own footer design with a four-column structure. First, it gives the logo its own space with a bio of the company. Then in the next 2 sections, we have useful links and reserved this space for additional upcoming links. Finally, the end column lists the services we provide. This elegant footer design suits agency websites.

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