About Us

Vikreed is a white label WordPress development company that helps marketing agencies in growing their business by delivering faster, bug-free WordPress websites on time. Time saved can be used to attract new clients or delight existing ones by improving their marketing ROI.

Skill Mix

We understand that agencies need WordPress developers who can play different roles when needed. But it is difficult to find the WordPress back end developer who is also well versed with front end development and Adobe suit. Plus, agency may expect them to be efficient in handling client-facing technical communication.

We, Vikreed have a pool of personnel who are expert in the WordPress back end, front end, design, project management, and communication. Collectively, we offer mix of such services to digital marketing agencies in the form of remote team to solve their resource capacity and stability issues.


We follow the white label model under which we work with you as your in-house team but behind the curtain and user NDA. You don’t need to share credit with us and we never mention you or your clients in our portfolio or marketing collateral.


With our partnership, you will extend your development teams’ technical capabilities, deliver an increased number of projects on time, which will result in reduced development stress and greater client satisfaction.