Is WordPress good for digital marketing?

Here at Vikreed, we use WordPress to host our website and blog, and we build WordPress-based websites for our clients. We have clients from industries like consultancy, finance, cybersecurity to quasi-governmental organizations, all have their websites built in WordPress. Every client uses their website differently; some use it for information purposes, and some use it as a full-scale digital funnel to drive prospects.

WordPress offers an easy way to build fantastic websites with all frills needed to make it a digital marketing machine and at an affordable cost.

Here are the reasons that make WordPress best for Digital Marketing

It’s Free.

WordPress core software is free; developed and managed Automattic Inc. They offer free WordPress on and paid options on As a result, millions of people worldwide use WordPress’s free version.

WordPress offers a base content management system to build blogs and websites. However, to custom code even this much base software will cost you in the range of $15,000 to $30,000. On top of that, website and blog development may cost a similar amount.

WordPress has already done that; it’s available at no cost.

WordPress Developers and Freelancers

You can easily find WordPress developers in a city; many small agencies provide WordPress development and maintenance services worldwide. To save on cost, one can get a website developed by a freelancer who might sit in another part of the world.


In WordPress, you can install and use plugins. These are small or big software installed on WordPress as plugged-in software. Plugins enhance the website functionality; there is a plugin for almost everything.

You can use plugins for appointment bookings, customer support, forms, surveys to collect leads and engage with them. You can optimize content for SEO with plugins. You can track website visitors, analyze traffic, run ads from WordPress.

SEO Ready

WordPress comes with impressive SEO plugins that help you search engine optimization, content delivery, scheduling (blog calendar), and overall content marketing management. With free SEO plugins, you can optimize your article title, snippet, URL; add sitemaps and schema.

1 Click Hosting

A custom website needs a complete infrastructure architecture. First, you need a system administrator or architect to build the base to host custom-coded websites. Then, you will need a database, web server, development environment, hosting, network and security framework, and a few more elements. Finally, one needs to set up, test, maintain, and secure these layers to host a simple website or blog.

A lot of hosting service providers offer a one-click WordPress install. It means you get ready to install software package that contains a database (MySQL), web server(Apache/NGINX), and WordPress installed a hosting platform optimized for WordPress. Even AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support WordPress package installation.

With Shared hosting (we don’t recommend this option for critical websites), you can save a lot on infrastructure costs.

If you are considering WordPress for your website and are not sure whether it’s the right choice or not, contact us. We have developed in WordPress and set up plugins to run content marketing, optimize SEO, schedule meetings, and collect leads; we can guide you to make an educated decision.

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